Common Mistakes Made By New Drivers

New Driver Mistakes

These new driver mistakes are mistakes any of us can make, but many times new drivers make them more than those that are seasoned drivers. People that have been driving for a longer time have seen the effects these behaviors have on people, and have decided against engaging in such activities.

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One of the biggest and most dangerous mistakes new drivers can make is drinking and driving. Drinking alters the way you think so you will not have proper judgement. It also can alter your sight. If you are not able to think or see properly, you may over correct, swerve and hit an innocent bystander. You should not drink and drive since over 40% of driving related deaths involve drinking and driving. 60% of those accidents involve drivers age 16 to 24.

Another that is similar is driving tired. Many people might not think about this mistake because it sounds innocent. People drive in this condition all of the time, but there are many wrecks caused because of people that have been driving while they are not alert.

It can be tricky to tell if you are too tired to drive, and many times people will not even notice. If you continue to yawn and your head starts to bob, you are in danger of causing a car accident. You should pull off the road, and make sure you are fully awake before continuing your journey.

Texting and driving is another thing many people do without thinking. The good thing now is that law enforcement is getting involved, and texting while driving is against the law in many different states. If you are a texter that texts while driving, you should put the cell phone away until you are safely at your destination.

Road rage is a problem. Many times people will be shouting and yelling at people they have never met because they made a mistake while driving. This leads to additional problems and oftentimes serious and fatal car accidents. Remaining calm, and not engaging with enraged drivers is a wise idea.

If you speed, you should consider this as taking your life and the lives of others into your own hands. The speed limits are put there for a reason. People have tested the area to see what a safe speed is, and you should make sure you follow the rules of the road.

Some people who have eyesight problems will fail to wear their eye wear while they are driving. If you do this in the car, you could miss certain things that are important. Always make sure you wear your glasses or contacts whenever you are driving so that you will be able to see clearly, and observe your surroundings without any handicap.

When new drivers are on the road, it is not uncommon to see them over steer. Whenever you get afraid, you might accidentally over correct with your steering. This happens much more with new drivers, however, and is a reason for many side swipes.

There are plenty of other mistakes new drivers make, and if you want to make sure that you are a safe driver you may want to take driver’s courses in defensive driving. This will allow you to get the proper training you need so you can avoid accidents and keep yourself out of trouble.

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