gerogia auto accident settlement

Georgia Auto Accident Settlement

Georgia auto accident settlement money is something you need to look into if you have been in an auto accident. Many people will just take the offer the auto insurance company offers them after an accident, not knowing they are leaving a substantial amount of settlement money on the table.

If you are worried about how much Georgia auto accident settlement money you may be able to get, you should speak with a car accident attorney that will be able to help you.

How to Get Money From An Auto Accident?

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GA Road Rules

GA fault is proportional comparative fault. This means the injured person or persons who are less than 50% at fault will receive compensation. The amount of compensation received will depend on the extent of injuries and other damages that may have been incurred. You can expect to get a settlement if you act quickly since 99% of personal injury cases will get a settlement. Make sure you file your case as soon as possible since there is a two year from the date of injury statute of limitations. If your injury could not be discovered right away, this two years would start at the date at which the injury was discovered.

Important Steps After Your Accident

If you have been involved in an accident on the Georgia roads, you must follow proper procedures if you want to get a decent Georgia auto accident settlement. If you do not cooperate with GA law and do things correctly, you are not going to be able to get a decent Georgia auto accident settlement. If you do things that are not right, you may find that you do not get any settlement money out of your auto accident.

The first thing you need to do after you have been involved in an auto accident in Georgia, is call the police. You need to alert the police that there has been an auto wreck, so they can come down to the scene and do a police report. While police reports are not always accurate, you need to get the Georgia police on the scene.

Calling your insurance company is necessary. You need to speak with them and let them know about the auto wreck. You will not be talking about a settlement at this time. All that you need to do right now is let them know what is going on. Answer as few questions as possible at this time. If you answer too many questions, you may have been confused. You could say something that will harm the amount of Georgia auto accident settlement money you will be able to get.

If you have been injured, you should go to a Georgia hospital as soon as possible. The sooner you get to a Georgia hospital, the better. Not only because you need treatment, but also because you need to have a record of your injuries that were incurred on the Georgia roads. This is so you can get your settlement money. If you do not have proper documentation, you may find it is extremely difficult to get the Georgia auto accident settlement money you desire.

Gathering evidence is very serious, if you want to get a good Georgia auto accident settlement. If you are able to, you should take photos at the scene of the wreck so that you can get compensation for the injuries that you have gotten. You should also gather the police report, witness testimonies and anything else that you think will help with the settling of your case.

When you get involved with a wreck, you should make certain that someone that you know and trust takes any valuables out of your car. Many times thieves will take these things so you must protect anything you consider being valuable. These things will not be covered in a Georgia auto accident settlement. There are some extreme cases that may change this, but as far as courtrooms have seen so far no one has been able to get any money out of the other person for valuables. If you have insurance for this, you can take it up with your insurance.

If you are tired of being confused about wondering what is going to happen with your Georgia auto accident settlement, I highly recommend you speak with a professional that will be able to help you. Speaking with a car wreck attorney will be able to help you understand what is going on. It is proven that people who have attorneys get more money than people that take on the insurance companies on their own. Get more money starting today.

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