Indianapolis, Indiana auto accident settlement

Indiana Auto Accident Settlement

An Indiana auto accident settlement may be just what you are seeking after you have been in an accident on Indiana roadways. With 157 fatal auto accident reports that involved heavy trucks, semis, 18-wheelers, and big rigs, it seems driving on Indiana roads can be quite dangerous. Indiana auto accident fatalities are higher than the average over the rest of America as a whole.

When you are dealing with these kinds of statistics, you should know your rights when it comes to Indiana auto accident settlement law. You should know how much money you could be entitled to get out of your auto accident that happened inside IN. If you do not have this knowledge, you should consider contacting an auto accident attorney that will be able to help you with getting a settlement in Indiana.

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Fault in Indiana

One of the things you need to know is that Indiana is a comparative fault state. There are a few different versions of comparative fault you may have heard of, but inside IN, the law is that as long as the injured party is not more than fifty percent at fault, they will be able to seek an Indiana auto accident settlement for the auto crash that has occurred.

Some states require a minimum amount of injuries and damages for a victim to be able to sue. This is not the case when an auto accident has happened on IN roadways. If you have any injuries, you could be able to get a settlement.

It is the duty of the victim to prove the other driver was at fault and that they should be paying the settlement. If you can not provide proof, you may want to speak with an attorney that can help you get your settlement money. The law limits the time you have to file your claim, and if you do not act within the first two years, your chance at getting an Indiana auto accident settlement will be gone.

Proving Your Case

Before you try to get an Indiana auto accident settlement, you should have enough proof that shows that you deserve settlement money from the other driver. If your injuries were not severe, you should not expect to receive an enormous amount of money. If your injuries were considerably large because of the crash, you would not be able to get compensation unless you are able to prove that this injury did come from the wreck.

As soon as possible after you have been a crash, you should go to a doctor. The sooner you go to a doctor after being in a crash, the more likely you will be able to prove the injury did come from being struck by the other driver. If you wait around, they may assume your injury was not hurting causing you to want to get it checked, and you will see no settlement money, or at least very little when you get your Indiana auto accident settlement.


The only limitations you will see, when it comes to suing for your Indiana auto accident settlement, is your punitive damages are limited to the lesser of fifty thousand dollars or three times the amount the jury awarded for compensatory damages. Though there are no other limitations, your bodily damages must be corroborated by the testimony of a medical expert.

Unlike no fault states, you will be able to ask the insurance coverage of the at fault party to pay for your damages first. No fault states do not allow you to do this because they require that you use your insurance first, up to a certain point. No fault states make getting compensated much more difficult. This does not apply to your Indiana auto accident settlement since this is a state that operates under comparative fault.

Before you decide to take on the insurance companies by yourself, you may want to think about speaking with an attorney. An attorney will allow you to get the compensation you want without having to struggle through all of the paper work, proving your case and everything else that comes with the whole mess. You can simply give your attorney the information needed, and they can deal with it.

It is highly recommended that you speak with a specialist in this field, so that you can get the most out of your Indiana auto accident settlement. Many times people are able to get thousands more dollars out of their case whenever they get legal help. Do not get shorted on your claim money.

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