Kentucky Auto Accident Settlement

Kentucky Auto Accident Settlement

Kentucky auto accident settlement seekers should not feel they are running up against a wall trying to get their settlement for a KY auto accident. Many times, however, this is exactly how they may be feeling. If you have been hurt in an auto accident on KY roads, you may be entitled to a settlement.

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In 2008 alone, there were 25,000 auto accident cases that occurred on KY roads. Many of the accidents that happened in Kentucky this year and throughout the years have included injuries. Some of these injuries were minor, but some were more severe. Having experienced any injuries, I am sure you felt as if they were severe. You could be entitled to a Kentucky auto accident settlement by filing an auto accident personal injury claim.

Knowing the Law

Kentucky is a no fault state, but it is also a choice state. This means you have the right to purchase no fault insurance, or you can choose tort liability. Whenever you choose tort liability, you will be able to reserve your right to litigation against the other party for damages you receive. If you are operating under no fault insurance, you will not be able to sue the other driver for pain and suffering, emotional distress or inconvenience.

Whenever you have no fault insurance in Kentucky, you are able to get compensation for lost wages, medical bills and rehabilitation. This is all without proving that the other driver was at fault. This is one of the reasons many people in Kentucky choose to have no fault insurance. The payment comes from the insurance. The insurance coverage is called personal injury protection. Payouts are only as much as the amount of the policy purchased.

If you do have no fault insurance, there are some instances in which you will be able to sue for a settlement. You can sue for an auto accident settlement if you have a certain amount of injuries. Check with the state of Kentucky to find out how severe your injuries must be to seek a Kentucky auto accident settlement. This settlement for the auto accident would be above and beyond what the insurance was able to pay for your car accident compensation claim. This depends on coverage which was purchased.

Whether you have chosen to use no fault insurance or tort liability insurance, you may need to speak to a Kentucky car wreck attorney in order to get a settlement for your auto accident. Many times the law is confusing. If you do not understand the law and your rights properly, you could miss out on a proper Kentucky auto accident settlement.

Hiring An Attorney

If you do want to hire a professional to help with your Kentucky auto accident settlement, you need to make sure that you pick the right person for the job. Making sure that you get a decent amount of money for you injuries will enable you to take the time you need to recover. If you do not get the compensation you deserve from your Kentucky auto accident settlement, you may be forced to get back to work before you are able to work.

Having a legal professional in your area to help you with your Kentucky auto accident settlement will put you ahead of the insurance company. Instead of being forced to take whatever offer is presented to you, you will be able to get aggressive through your attorney. If you were to make demands on your own regarding your Kentucky auto accident settlement, the insurance company may not take you as serious as when an attorney sends a demand letter to their office.

Always look at the legal record of the person you are considering employing. Find out if they have won many cases and what settlement amounts they were able to get for other clients. Many times you can ask the attorney for this information. If they are proud of their work, they will be more than happy to show you some past cases that they have won for other clients. Some attorneys may not have many cases under their belt. If this happens, you could look at the schooling they received. This can help you make a decision on whether you want to use their services or move on to someone else.

Make sure you do not make agree to any Kentucky auto accident settlement without first speaking to an attorney about the amount of money being offered. You are not required to go to court just because you have an attorney. Many times attorneys will be able to help you settle out of court. This will enable you to get the most money and go through the least amount of hassle.

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