Cape Elizabeth, Maine , Auto Accident Settlement

Maine Auto Accident Settlement


A Maine auto accident settlement can help get your life back on track. If you have been hurt in an auto accident in ME, you may be injured and have serious damages to your vehicle.

Millions of car accident personal injuries happen on US roadways, and the roadways of Maine are no exception.

When you are involved in an auto accident in ME, you may be surprised that you are in this situation. Driving is an everyday  task for most people, and when your day is interrupted with an auto accident, you could be confused at what to do next. Seeking settlement money is one of the things that should be on your mind, but not the first.

How to Get Money From An Auto Accident?

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What to Do First

Before you do anything, calling the police to the scene of the accident is necessary. Your auto may be blocking traffic, and having a police officer to help direct traffic and keep you safe is essential. Causing another auto accident on ME roads is not your goal, but it could happen if the police are not promptly called to the scene of the accident. The first thing they will do if no one is severely injured is move the auto off the road.

Once the police have arrived on the scene, there are some things you need to do to ensure you get settlement money. Keeping the following information in mind after your crash will help ensure you get the settlement you deserve. People leave settlement money on the table because they were not prepared to provide proof to obtain their Maine auto accident settlement.

Calling the insurance company you have your Maine insurance through is necessary. Tell them that you have been involved in a crash, but you do not have to provide any information they do not ask for. When you are trying to get a settlement, it is best not to say too much until you speak with a car crash attorney that will be able to help you.

Law of Maine

When you are seeking a settlement in Maine, you have up to six years according to the statue of limitations in this state. Though you may have six years to file for your Maine auto accident settlement, this does not mean you should wait this long. When you want to get your money for the crash that happened on Maine roads, the sooner you act, the better.

The law of Maine is proportional comparative fault at fifty percent. As long as the injured person seeking the Maine auto accident settlement is less than fifty percent at fault, they are entitled to a Maine auto accident settlement. Since you must prove you are less than fifty percent at fault in the crash to receive compensation, you need to gather your proof as quickly as possible.

Gathering Proof

The sooner you begin putting your case for your Maine auto accident settlement together, the sooner you will be able to get the car accident compensation claims process rolling. You may be going up against an insurance company, or an individual when you are attempting to get the money you deserve. Receiving compensation when you have proper documentation of your injuries, and proof you were not fifty percent or more at fault, should not be difficult if you have professional help.

Some of the proof you should gather for your Maine auto accident settlement includes photos, police reports, witness testimony, doctor reports, chiropractor reports, expert opinion, and anything else that may relate to your Maine auto accident settlement. Gathering this information as quickly as possible will help expedite your claim. When you take this information to a legal professional, they will be able to help you see if anything you need for your claim is missing.

Hiring a legal professional to help with your case will relieve stress. If you have to take care of the case on your own, you may cause unnecessary stress, and you may miss certain things that would allow you to obtain more money out of your claim. Specialists in this field spend years preparing themselves and gathering information during their schooling. They are able to obtain more money out of an auto accident personal injury claim than someone that is not a legal professional.

Leaving your Maine auto accident settlement up to chance should never be an option. If you believe your case may be worth more than five hundred dollars, you should speak with a professional about obtaining a fair amount of money in your claim. There are attorneys that are happy to give a free over the phone consultation. There are no strings attached, and you will be able to gather helpful information, even if you do not choose to employ their services.

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