Who Pays What After A Car Accident?

When you attempting to determine who pay what after a car accident there are many different factors that you must consider but generally the question of who is going to pay the doctor bills, damages to the vehicle, etc will be determined by the state in which the car accident occurred. If you are not sure about the laws in your state I highly suggest that you speak with a car accident attorney that can help you understand more about the law in your state and what you can do to get more car accident compensation.

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Most states in America are fault states which mean that insurance companies are made to pay according to each party’s degree of fault. If you and the company that you are insured by do not agree on damages then you may have to go to court and fight for the money that is rightfully yours.

There are just 12 no-fault states and the good driver does not have to proof that the accident was someone else’s fault because they get their money. The insurance company is entitled to pick up medical bills, rehabilitation costs as well as lost wages but only up to the amount of coverage which was purchased. The only thing however is that this person will not be able to sue the other person in the accident even if they were at fault. If you are in a no-fault state and wish to find out more about what is in your policy you can look into the PIP or Personal Injury Protection which will be listed in your policy.

The 12 No-Fault States In Alphabetical Order:








New Jersey

New York

North Dakota



The no-fault part of the law only applies to injuries. Physical damage to your car or the contents in the car can be fought over by taking the guilty party to court or you could find out if your own car insurance company will pay you as long as you have collision insurance.

Exceptions To The No-Fault Rule

There are some exceptions to the no-fault rules in those states like if the injuries were very bad, lasted for a certain period of time or if they totaled over a certain amount of money.

It is always best to speak with a car accident attorney and find out what amount of money you could get out of an auto accident settlement.

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